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Message 3981 - Alvin L. Clark |
It's a shame that the Bainbridge we all remember from Boot Camp will be gone. My USS Wilkes-Barre CL-103 web site has my Boot Company photo. Google the Wilkes-Barre and HAVE A LOOK!
When were you at USNTC?: July and August 1946
What was your unit / rank?: Boot Company #4623 / Recruit
11 June 2006 - Louisville,KY

Message 3982 - Mel Prokity |
I saw where the old guestbook was corrupted by spammers, too bad. Here's what I remember of my previous posting . Boot Camp Sep-Dec 1952 RM "A" school Jan-Jul 1953 RM "B" school Jan-Sep 1962 Lived at 253A-1 Laffey Circle, Manor Heights. Initiated as RMC at CPO club Sep 1962, so I've fond memories of the 4th regiment, Service School Command and the Harve de Grace and Port Deposit areas.
When were you at USNTC?: 1952-53 and 1962
What was your unit / rank?: Boot Camp, RM A and B schools / RMSN, RM1 & RMC
10 June 2006 - Retired in Enterprise, AL

Message 3983 - frank cahill |
anyone at bainbridge, june 53 to sep 57 company 347 4th reg, company commander bbebe, gm1
When were you at USNTC?: june 53 sep 53
What was your unit / rank?: co 237 / sr
9 June 2006 - retired navy chief

Message 3984 - John P. Mills |
Was at Bainbridge from July 1946 through Oct 1946. Don't remember Company number. Maybe someone can refresh my memory.
When were you at USNTC?: jul 46 to oct 46
What was your unit / rank?: Don't remember / seaman apprentice
8 June 2006 - Sebring, Florida

Message 3985 - Paul Rollins |
I attended FT "A" school in 1965. There were so few FT's in the USCG, that we were sent to Bainbridge.
When were you at USNTC?: 3/65-11/65
What was your unit / rank?: FT A Phase I & II / SN, USCG
7 June 2006 - Washinton, DC

Message 3986 - Bob Adams |
Boot camp Jul-Oct 1957 co 142 1st Reg 14th bat. GM1Hill CO. RM school Mar-Sep 58 class 19-58. Does any one remember Chaqrlie Noble in the 1st reg?
When were you at USNTC?: Jul-Oct 57 and Mar 58-Oct58
What was your unit / rank?: Co 142 1st reg 14th bat. and RM class19-58 / Sa and Rmsn
6 June 2006 - Landing Nj

Message 3987 - Richard Lemen |
I was a musician recruit in 53, came back for shore duty in the base band in1956
When were you at USNTC?: 1953
What was your unit / rank?: Co 325 (CC Herdon BM1st) / Musician recruit (MU2 in 56)
5 June 2006 - Dansville NY

Message 3988 - jerry heikkinen |
Looking for classmates from RMA school class 5 of 1965
When were you at USNTC?: november 64 to may 65
What was your unit / rank?: Rma school / sn
4 June 2006 - michigan

Message 3989 - Gene Walker |
Co. 4728 Fond memories. Remember those cold nites when the stoker went to sleep
When were you at USNTC?: Jan 1947
What was your unit / rank?: Company 4728 / Recruit
4 June 2006 - Flagler Beach Fl

Message 3990 - E. |
8 high school buddies and I joined the Navy in June 1955 right after graduation. We stayed together in company 232 under GM1 Thomas. and graduated boot in August. That grinder was surely hot during those summer months, especially carrying full seabag for the last 2 weeks of training like I had to: (discipline). double time was not fun. When it was all over with, I had lost 25 lbs! Remember the morse code test that we all had to take? I was told by the instructor that I would never be a radioman in the USN - I guess I did really lousy. I went on to the USS Grand Canyon AD28 (Newport RI) left it in Feb 1958 (as a Radioman 2nd class!!)and went to shore duty in Boston 1stNavdistComCtr. I'll never forget the time served (5 yrs): extended 1 year and yes, I would do it all over again.
When were you at USNTC?: June - Aug 1955
What was your unit / rank?: Co 232 / SR
4 June 2006

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