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Message 221 - Nancy Ann Guignet |
Was in the 2nd company to attend Bainbridge (Dec 1951-Mar 1952) and would like to see our group photo. Also our company was written up in the Redbook magazine during that time period. Is there a record of that?
When were you at USNTC?: Dec 1951 to March 1952
What was your unit / rank?: #2 SR
Are you a member?: Yes
5 November 2016 - Yadkinville, NC 27055

Message 222 - Nancy Holmes-Coleman |
I was in Company 1 of 1962 as recruit - Shirley Munn of message 135 - please contact me - Chief Paladin was our CC
When were you at USNTC?: 1962 - Jan to March
What was your unit / rank?: Recruit
Are you a member?: No
3 November 2016 - Toledo, Ohio

Message 223 - Nick Pope |
My dad Everett Bryan Pope, went to boot camp and gunners mate school there WWII. My brother Paul M Pope attended Radioman School 1960. Both from Chattanooga.
Are you a member?: no
2 November 2016

Message 224 - Mike Calhoun |
My dad was a company commander and I lived in the on base apartments. i remember some but I was young. Remember drinking "beer" with Dad at the Chiefs Club. Dad was BM Chief Everette Calhoun. Very salty
When were you at USNTC?: Can't remember
What was your unit / rank?: Service Brat
Are you a member?: No
27 October 2016 - Live in Cecil County

Message 225 - James S. crider |
My best duty Station
When were you at USNTC?: !945-46
What was your unit / rank?: SH 1
Are you a member?: no
16 October 2016 - Miami.Florida

Message 226 - jerry malcolm |
is any one going to get rid of this last msg?, and move on?
When were you at USNTC?: oct 56
What was your unit / rank?: RMSN
Are you a member?: no
16 October 2016

Message 227 - dgdsg |
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When were you at USNTC?: dssag
What was your unit / rank?: sdgas
Are you a member?: cgjg
11 October 2016 - dfgdf

Message 228 - Frank Chase |
Started Boot Camp June 1946
When were you at USNTC?: 1946
What was your unit / rank?: As I recall was in Co. 4581
Are you a member?: no
7 October 2016 - Albuquerque NM

Message 229 - Janet Sites |
A good friend of mine's Father was stationed at Bainbridge - He would take us bowling and to the movies at the base - This would have been sometime between 1965 - 1966. Loved it.
5 October 2016 - Bel Air MD

Message 230 - Jeffrey Waynick (son of Dewey Waynick) |
Dewey A. Waynick, Jr. ("D.A".), my deceased father, served out of USNTC Bainbridge in Jan 1945, going to Pacific until Nov 1945, He was 17 years old, from Centerville, TN. He said he was near Tinian and Saipan near end of WWII. Does anyone know what ship(s), and whether USNTS or Merchant Marine, my father may have served on in the Pacific in 1945? Thank you for your service!
When were you at USNTC?: 1945
What was your unit / rank?: not known
Are you a member?: not yet
3 October 2016 - Mooresville, NC

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