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Message 1 - Beverly Jean (Fuss) Bell |
I'm interested in locating anyone who was in Co 23, Aug/Sept 1954. Especially Joan (Sherman) Simpson,Joanne First (CA) Marjorie Lentz MT Pat Wardley, Balt., MD
When were you at USNTC?: July 14, 1954/Sept. 1954
What was your unit / rank?: Boot Camp
20 August 2017 - Selbyville, DE

Message 2 - Lorraine A Jenkins |
Co. 22 in 1960
When were you at USNTC?: 1960
13 August 2017 - Biloxi, MS

Message 3 - Pat Urso-James |
My dad was part of Roosevelt's work force who built Bainbridge. He came to bootcamp visitor's day and graduation and saw the buildings again. Was in bootcamp from Jun-Aug '65, then Pamiconus from Sep-Dec '65. Remember Lancaster, the club, 3.2 beer, live band, dancing, good times. Ended up doing a TAD in Norfolk, then NAS Quonset. Made DP3. Did the rest of my tour at Quonset, then civil service, and reserve at NAS So. Weymouth. Married a sailor off the USS Essex, he also did duty in Nam, then off the USS Constellation before getting out. Have some Bainbridge pictures and will attempt to get copies for the site. Remember Bob Christensen from Missoula, MT, Sub School then New London; and Mike Dupuis, FTG3, from Bozeman, MT, on tin can out of Newport; VAQ-33; Lake Champlain, Essex, Wasp, Intrepid, Connie! GO NAVY! Best time ever!
When were you at USNTC?: Summer/Fall 1965
What was your unit / rank?: MASN
12 August 2017 - Retired - Georgia

Message 4 - Larry W Bryant |
Anyone around from Co. 88, 2nd Reg., 21st. Bat. Aug-Nov 1956, Barracks 212 upper?
When were you at USNTC?: August - November 1956
What was your unit / rank?: Co.88/SR
Are you a member?: No
12 August 2017 - Gas City, IN via USS Tarawa (CVS 40)

When were you at USNTC?: july 58 to oct 59
What was your unit / rank?: CO. 001 BARRACKS 475 UPPER
Are you a member?: NO
11 August 2017 - BEL AIR, MD

Message 6 - Dale M. Hertzfeld |
1 April 1952, I started out in Co.278 as a "Boot". Went to Corps School from "Boot" training. Passed with a high grade point and was sent to Quantico, Va.
When were you at USNTC?: 1 April 1952 about June 1952
What was your unit / rank?: Boot Training Co. 278
Are you a member?: no
10 August 2017 - Retired in Perrysburg, Ohio

Message 7 - Robert Corder |
Trying to locate a WAVE Dental Tech named Janice "Jan" Rich, 1957/58
When were you at USNTC?: NAPS
What was your unit / rank?: CT3
Are you a member?: No
8 August 2017 - Midlothian, VA

Message 8 - Robert P. Cahillane |
Arline, I'll mail my dues shortly,Co-125 had a brief 60th Reunion at the Big "E" in West Springfield, Ma., on July 4th, our Co., Cdr.,& Drill Instructor Ken Hagan attended from Florida at 90 Yr's of age, about 100 Guests, and 60 for the lunch,,18 members of the 100. able to attend.
When were you at USNTC?: July/August/Sept 1957
What was your unit / rank?: Co.125
Are you a member?: YES
7 August 2017 - Northampton, Mass.,

Message 9 - paul p hess |
co 325 41st batt. 4 reg.1953-1954
When were you at USNTC?: 1953-1954
What was your unit / rank?: sr
Are you a member?: no
7 August 2017 - AO1 RETIRE

Message 10 - Linda Metzger Wagers |
This is a terrific site. Would like to connect with those I went to boot camp with.
When were you at USNTC?: Nov 65 - Jan 66
What was your unit / rank?: Recruit Company 38
Are you a member?: Not yet.
6 August 2017 - Maryville, TN

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