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Message 4221 - RMC Bob Kiehlmeier |
Any one remember RM1 Carrol? How about the "DRY" days at the Fiddlers Green when the breweries were on strike in the summer of '69?
When were you at USNTC?: July '69 to November '69
What was your unit / rank?: RM A School Class 69-32 / RMSN
7 May 2006 - Wilmington, NC

Message 4222 - NANCY (HOLMES) COLEMAN |
When were you at USNTC?: JAN/62 - MARCH/62
What was your unit / rank?: CO. 1 / SR
6 May 2006 - TOLEDO, OHIO

Message 4223 - John P Murphree |
I enjoyed my several months at Bainbridge in the summer of 1946 working in the separation center shortly after WW II
When were you at USNTC?: May - Aug. 1046 (Separation Center)
What was your unit / rank?: USNR / Seaman 1st Class
5 May 2006 - Nashville, Tennessee

Message 4224 - David Chuber |
RM "A" School 1973-It's a shame that people from our era have such little feeling for anything, but from the ship to my college that I attended after getting out of the Navy, that's the way it is. The base was just a shell of its former self by the time we got there, but it was still a great place and you could feel the magic that was once there. I do a lot of music and I have a huge colletction from that era including virtually the entire juke box at the Fiddler's Green.
When were you at USNTC?: June-Nov 1973
What was your unit / rank?: 7348, 7401 and 7404 / RMSA
3 May 2006 - Houston, Texas

Message 4225 - Steve Long |
Glad you're getting rid of the spam.
When were you at USNTC?: September-November 1954
What was your unit / rank?: Company 270, RTC / SA
3 May 2006 - Massachusetts

Message 4226 - Bill Culver |
Just checking how to get into this new system.
When were you at USNTC?: 1956
What was your unit / rank?: Co.160 / SR,SA
3 May 2006 - Princess Anne, MD

Message 4227 - Bill O'Brien |
Just looked at photos. The overhead shot of the base is beautiful. It's a darn shame Bainbridge is no longer. I really enjoyed my 3 tours there
When were you at USNTC?: 1961, 63 and 67 through May 69
What was your unit / rank?: RMA RMB and STAFF RMA / SA RM3 and RM1
2 May 2006 - Northeast Pennsylvania

Message 4228 - James E. Hall |
Arrived RTC 28 Jun 56, after boot attended RM"A", and departed May 57. Retired Jul 86 as RMCS
29 April 2006 - York, PA

Message 4229 - Dee Tuttle |
Was there from May 62-Oct62 CO.20,YN"A" school NAS Memphis, NAS Pensacola got out in Apr 64
When were you at USNTC?: 62
What was your unit / rank?: WAVES / YNSN
29 April 2006 - Ft. Worth, Tx

Message 4230 - Marvin L. Thrasher |
When thur FT-A School there, have many wondeful memories of the area, and time there.
When were you at USNTC?: Feb thur July 1966
What was your unit / rank?: Can Not remember class # / SA
28 April 2006 - Ozark, Alabama

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