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Message 101 - wilson bullivant |
I was at FT A School at Bainbridge in "63. It was an interesting time, but school was not my calling. I volunteered for a lot of work parties while I was there, especially if they were at the Tome School. I found the peacefulness and beauty of the setting to be wonderful. Every opportunity I got I would go to the Tome School and I was often allowed to go to the clock tower and clean and maintain the clock works. I loved the mechanics of the clock. The greatest thing was when they did Evening Colors. The playing of Taps and the flag ceremony with the pre-academy students was incredible. It still echoes in my mind. Bainbridge is now just a memory, the sound of taps rolling through the hills is long gone but I can still feel the peacefulness of the time.
When were you at USNTC?: 1963
What was your unit / rank?: NRTC, Perth Amboy, NJ SN (STGC Ret. 2005)
Are you a member?: no
3 March 2020 - Asbury, New Jersey

Message 102 - Charles Jordan |
Attended BC Jan 1956-Mar 1956. Led the recruit band. CO was GM1 Sogge. Left BC and attended RM A school from Apr 1956-Oct 1956. first ship duty was USS Gatling DD671 Newport RI
When were you at USNTC?: yes Jan 17, 1956 to Mar 1956
What was your unit / rank?: RM as SA to RMSN
Are you a member?: No
27 February 2020 - Mass.

Message 103 - Steve Crawford |
Just looking for old friends who grew up on the base. I see Anthony Dodaro was here. Remember knocking out my teeth with your Dad's golf club?
When were you at USNTC?: 71-74
Are you a member?: Dependant
18 February 2020 - VA

Message 104 - Cindy Carter |
WAVE basic at Bainbridge Dec 70. Company 17, RMC Contini CC.
When were you at USNTC?: Dec 71
What was your unit / rank?: Co 17
Are you a member?: No
16 February 2020 - Lizella, GA

Message 105 - Gary Samuel |
NPTU 1963 & NAPS 1966
When were you at USNTC?: 1963 & 1966
What was your unit / rank?: IC3 and IC2
Are you a member?: N0
11 February 2020 - Parrish, Florida

Message 106 - Cathy Hasek |
Forgot to add email address.
6 February 2020

Message 107 - Cathy Hasek
Hello: I am in possession of a photo of CO. 4481 from October 13, 1944. There is also another insignia of a rooster that says "Battalion 18". My Uncle, Clare L. Dean is in this photo of over 60 men. He served from 8/44-11/47.sadly, he died in 1950 of kidney failure when he was just 22 years old. I never met him and was hoping to find out a bit more about his service. Thank you.
6 February 2020

Message 108 - Larry Iden |
After qualifying on Trout SS566 went to Basic Nuclear Power School Class 63-3. Then on to West Milton, NY NPTU. Then on to SSBN623 Nathan Hale. I remember Bainbridge well!
When were you at USNTC?: 1963
What was your unit / rank?: EM3SS
Are you a member?: no
2 February 2020 - Canton,Ohio

Message 109 - Raymond G. KIng |
I was Co 4688 Sept Oct Dec 1946
When were you at USNTC?: Sept Oct Nov 1946
What was your unit / rank?: MS1
Are you a member?: no
21 January 2020 - Media,Pa 19063

Message 110 - Norwood R Giddens |
Went thru boots Jun-Aug 57, then RM"A" 1963, Rm"B" 1964
When were you at USNTC?: 1957, 1963, 1964
What was your unit / rank?: PN2, RM2
Are you a member?: NO
20 January 2020 - Retired RMC living in Goldsboro NC

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